How can people show up to this job under the influence?

He was working on our a/c, and I took a phone call in the other room.

I am all for the recent cannabis legalization. It’s been happening throughout our country now, and personally I think each state should be legalizing this herb. Cannabis was never dangerous, and should never have been outlawed in the first place! I suppose plenty of people who enjoy the looser or non-existent cannabis laws are making the most of it now. They have had such an increase in the quality of their lives that I would never take that away from them! But here’s the thing: There’s no shortage of folks who ought to know better than use this miracle herb in its natural state, only to come into work and drive a tractor trailer. Long Haul truck drivers especially shouldn’t indulge! I would also say that service workers should not be high on the job, either. I can say that I definitely know this for a fact, as the heating and air conditioning worker that recently showed up to our home was totally stoned out of his mind when he came. I opened the door and found him resting there on our porch, playing with a beetle that was passing by on the porch. I greeted him, only to see a baffled look in his eyes. He told me that he legitimately couldn’t remember why he has been called out to service the heating and cooling system in our home, so I refreshed him. He was working on our a/c, and I took a phone call in the other room. I returned, startled as I found him in front of the refrigerator and eyeballing the tall pitcher of lemonade. I offered him that and some snacks when I came back into the house, and I turned him back towards the cooling method after he enjoyed his quick bite and sips. I have to admit, the guy did a spectacular job on our A/C system. Maybe I’ll look past this if he can get here in one piece!


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