How do you lower your utility bill?

One of my favorite things to do is to save money.

I will go fifty miles out of my way, if it means I will get a better deal. I guess it is kind of odd, that a man loves getting deals so much, but it’s true. I used to not care how much money I spent, or how I spent it. I would turn the thermostat as high or low as I wanted it to be. Then I lost my job and I had to settle for a job where I got paid much less. I was having a rough time dealing with not having enough money. Where I live, the summers can be really hot. I work from home and I can’t think without the air conditioning. I turn the thermostat down low, but then my energy bills are really high. That’s when I found out that I had to be proactive and to do something on my own, to decrease the load on my HVAC. I found out about solar film, in my local hardware store. The stuff is amazing and it is easy to put onto your windows. Solar film helps to decrease the amount of solar heating that comes into your home. It only took a couple hours before I noticed what a big difference it was making in the house. I also had the HVAC company install a Smart Thermostat into the house. The Smart Thermostat is able to adjust your thermostat by the conditions of the weather outside. I am really surprised at what a difference the new Smart Thermostat has made with my energy bills.


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