How long to wait for results?

I have had a lot of concerns about radon.  I had no clue how long it took to complete a test in a house for radon or how to handle it.  I didn’t have any idea of how to answer any of these questions. I then started to research into it.  I realized that an accurate result can be found in less than hour. Most radon tests suggest waiting for a full day or longer.  These tests will indicate whether there is a concentration of four pCi/L or higher. Lower than 4 pCi/L is considered a safe level.  Any ratings higher need to be dealt with immediately. The testing kits are inexpensive and easy to do on your own. You can usually complete the test without the help of a professional.  Most often, high levels of radon are found in the basement. This is due to the fact that the radon gas originates from the ground. It is formed by an erosion of the soil and certain radioactive byproducts.  Small levels of radon are not a problem. Anything over four .pCi/L is a health hazard. If high concentrations are found, it is essential to contact a professional for mitigation equipment. The equipment is not very complex but can be sort of expensive.  A combination of pipes and a fan effectively expel the radon outside. It is harmlessly dissipated into the atmosphere. It may also be necessary to include a fan in the attic to encourage the radon out of the house. After the equipment is in place and running, another test is completed to confirm the results.  The equipment then operates without a great deal of monitoring or maintenance. The house is typically safe for occupancy.

radon troubleshooting