How our family got into custom furniture

My grandfather arrived to Germany with his family.

They had legitimately little cash and struggled to get set up.

My grandfather worked as a brick-layer for a construction company. To help pay the bills, he started building custom furniture in the shed. People began telling their friends about the condition and beauty of his labor and demand steadily went up. My grandfather gradually made a name for himself and was able to quit his job and concentrate solely on furniture construction. My grandfather moved his operation into a small storefront and the whole family helped out, and ever since then, the business has continued to grow and expand. The accessibility provided by the internet has permitted us to reach a wider market. We remain a family owned and operated company, but we’ve built a much larger building to encompass the stock, office and production area. We have various large vans to transport furniture and every one of us ship across the world; Our finished products maintain the integrity began by my grandfather. Each piece is hand-crafted from a raw piece of wood. The people I was with and I create everything from home office tables and chairs to bed frames and bathtubs. Every piece is stylish and combines aesthetics with functionality. The people I was with and I cater to certain requirements, vision and certainations of the client… Because of this painstaking plan and quality of both materials and workmanship, our custom built furniture is quite costly. But, our clients are acquiring a piece of furniture that lasts for years.

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