How to be a good HVAC salesperson

When I was a senior in high school I got a job at a heating and cooling business down the road from my house.

I didn’t know anything about air conditioners, portable space heaters, or air purification systems when I first started working, but by the time I graduated high school, I knew many things about HVAC units.

Working at a heating and cooling business for a year gave me a head start on my HVAC career path. I worked as a store manager and memorized all of the parts in the store. I then was hired at an air conditioner and furnace warehouse where I helped organize, sell, and store different kinds of furnaces and air conditioners. I learned about mini split air conditioners, hot water boiler heating systems, and even whole home air purification systems. After this I went into sales, where I got to go door to door and sell portable space heaters, heating and cooling equipment for sale and miniature air conditioners. In the winter time I would run an extension cord from my HVAC truck, where I stored all of my heating and cooling equipment for sale, all the way to the door of the house I was selling to. I used this cord to power a small portable space heater for advertisement purposes. This proved very effective. Oftentimes people would look down at the small portable space heater and immediately be interested, especially if it was a cold evening. In the summertime I did the same thing but with a small mini split air conditioner.


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