How to kill pests with your HVAC unit

I knew this would be tricky, especially with gas furnaces and oil furnaces

I found a way to kill pests with only your heating or cooling unit. For years I have been an inventor of heating and cooling units. I am the one who developed the first UV light air purifier, the newer types of central air conditioners, and even some of the older portable space heaters. I specialize in quality heating devices and quality air conditioning. Recently I decided to go a little out of the area of building heating and cooling equipment, and decided to make new HVAC technology that assists in normal a/c and furnace devices. I began thinking about the general needs of everyday HVAC customers. I walked through a heating and cooling business looking for what was missing. I thought about developing a new and better air filter, but that was just too boring. Then it hit. No heating and cooling store had anything that helped with pest control. I believe that if you have a central air conditioner or furnace, you can solve hundreds of other problems through your units. I developed a pest poison that was deadly for bugs, but healthy for humans. At first I tried running it through a central air conditioner, but it was unsuccessful because the poison would get trapped on the walls of the air ducts. I knew this would make ductwork and cleaning much more difficult. I changed the formula of the poison slightly and ran it through my central a/c unit again. It worked! My next step was the furnace. I knew this would be tricky, especially with gas furnaces and oil furnaces. After some time I was successful.

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