How to proceed with your heat pump when the outdoor unit freezes

Many folks may not assume to know what is happening with their heat pump until they check the outdoor unit. While little snow or frost on the coils while in Winter time is perfectly natural, it should concern you when a layer of ice seems to form on it. This ice impedes the flow of the air as well as impacts the effectiveness of the heat pump. Similarly, any form of cold on the outdoor coils while in the summer time months should be highly suspicious. If you are dealing with such troubles, you may want to comprehend the possible troubles that could lead to this. First is the low refrigerant charge. When it is too low, then it does not form enough heat to melt the ice while in winter. When the cold happens in summer heat, then the possibilities are that the inner coils are already frozen. In both cases, the heating unit needs to overwork to achieve comfortable instead of uneven temperatures. It is advisable to consistently test the system. Make sure to only hire a qualified as well as certified Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business contractor. It is also possible that water in your unit could cause cold to happen. T This can happen in Winter cold when snow or ice water melts as well as finds its way inside the coils, cold due to low and uneven temperatures.. You need to defrost the unit, find the source of the leak as well as seal it. A defective motor would also cause your outdoor unit to freeze. Professional assistance is needed in cases such as these, since there is little to no airflow. The defroster timer may also be defective as well as does not perform on the predetermined intervals. When the issue appears to be too complex than you can take on, consider calling an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C expert to assist you.

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