How we came up with portable toilet odor products

Unless you have been inside a portable washroom, it may be challenging to visualize how tiny these spaces are.

With an already constricted space, you can only imagine the smell that can emanate from the facility after several people use it.

While the design of the portable toilets is made to encourage odorless use, when it reaches its full capacity and depending on how well people use it, smells and stenches can be inevitable. Fortunately, as a company that deals with special events facility solutions, most of our clients complained of foul odor whenever we delivered this mobile event solution. I enjoy reading reviews and going through customers feedback as a way of improving our services. Most of the complaints said that after a few people used the washrooms, they would start smelling. There were lots of inquiries about smell control, and we promised to look into it. Fortunately, we have had some breakthroughs and came up with practical solutions that will work for all types of events. We introduced a syrup solution that would help regulate the odor and leave the washrooms smelling fresh until we can collect them for waste disposal after the event. We came up with the use of neutralizers to kill odors and smells in the air. Many other companies only used air fresheners which were not working well. Some of these measures have revolutionized our business and catapulted us to greater success than we ever envisioned within this short period. We are currently getting more bookings than a few years back, thanks to the products that come as part of the package.
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