How we got custom furniture in our home

When my partner and I built our new home, I was super pumped up to furnish it. With an open floor concept, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Dan and I hoped to create a legitimately welcoming and comfortable residing environment. But we wanted the furniture to be unique and of high quality. Dan and I both like heavy, dark wood furniture and dark, rich colors for the fabrics. Next, I started by going to see all of the local furniture shops. I was harshly disappointed with the sparse selection and low quality of the pieces; Every shop seemed to offer the same thing. I then tried antique shops, however I didn’t like the concept of buying used furniture. Plus, the aged furniture just isn’t all that comfortable or functional, and after that, I began searching on the web. I typed in all sorts of odd keywords, including quality furniture, unique furniture, hardwood furnishings and custom furniture. I found an amazing selection of choices and some easily gorgeous, handcrafted furnishings! Most of the custom furniture stores and master craftsman provide a picture gallery on their websites. I spent hours looking at coffee tables, couches, chairs, home office tables, pillows, draperies and more. I planned to order the majority of the home’s furniture from just one person in order to maintain continuity. I was fortunate to find a custom furniture builder located less than a few hours away. Although Dan and I did the majority of the consultations online and over the phone, it was nice to finalize details in person.

Transitional masterpiece