Hugging the HVAC technician

Have you ever gone four days without air conditioning in the summer heat? Well I have and it left me loving air conditioning more than I ever have in my life! My home was never insulated very well from the elements.

  • It’s the kind of home that heats up pretty quickly when there’s no central air conditioning to stop it.

An unexpected issue caused my air conditioner to give out for four days and I was terrified. The heat index was going to be over ninety degrees for the next few days. What was I going to do without my air conditioner? I really considered renting a hotel room until the HVAC technician could fix my HVAC system. In the end, I decided that I could tough it out with many fans and a portable air conditioning unit from the store. Maybe the hotel room would have been cheaper after all, but at least I will have this portable air conditioner for the next time there was an HVAC issue. I installed and turned on the air conditioner and used it in conjunction with the fans to move the air around the house as much as possible. I set it up in my bedroom window, so I pretty much had to stay in my bedroom for the majority of those four days if I wanted cooling relief from the heat! It was a hard few days, but I made it out okay. I actually hugged the HVAC technician when he fixed the air conditioner. Hopefully that didn’t freak him out too much!



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