Humidistat for plethora of plants

My wife has a lot of plants in our home. She has always loved plants. I don’t think there is a room in the house that doesn’t have at least 6 plants in it. I joke that it feels like we are living in a jungle but, truth be told, I like the plants too. The only problem is that mold was starting to appear on the walls and floor near some of the larger plants. My wife swears that she never overfills the pots. I believe her. Based on where the mold is it does not appear to be coming from overwatering. I suspect that it is a result of the high humidity that the plants produce. It is for this reason that I had our local HVAC company install a humidistat in our home. The humidistat works very well with the plants so far because we can control how much humidity is in the air at any given time. It hooks up to our existing HVAC system and reads the humidity percentages in the air. If the air is too humid then it removes some of the humidity. If the air is not humid enough then it adds humidity. My wife loves it because she says it is better for the plants. I love it because the mold has not returned since getting the humidistat. So now everybody is happy. I’m happy, my wife is happy, and the plants are happy. It is a win win. Now if I can only keep my wife from buying any more plants we will be set.
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