Humidity is necessary for good skincare

My mom as well as my sister regularly complain to me about skin issues.

They wanted me to use the same appointments as well as lotions that the two of them did.

I didn’t care much to see if my skin was smooth or not, as well as I didn’t care much if my skin was feeling like leather. I didn’t even consider skin troubles to be of any Factor, when the two of us were younger. Now the two of us are working Outdoors every single day in the furnace as well as cooling industry. The two of us regularly find ourselves Outdoors on multiple occasions. The two of us have found that our skin seems to suffer the most during the summer as well as winter months. The two of us can tell when the two of us have spent all day outside or all day inside. When the two of us had a really severe winter storm, the temperatures and outdoor humidity levels were extremely low. My skin on my hands was honestly cracking a lot, as well as nothing could help. I tried some lotions as well as ointments, but the two of us ended up with multiple cats as well as abrasions due to cracked skin. I finally had to break down and the two of us split the cost to buy a humidifier for our apartment. The small apartment is about 900 square feet, but the two of us just bought a small humidifier that adds a little bit of moisture to the air. We keep the humidifier in the living room, as well as it has to be emptied out every single day. When the two of us are running the machine non-stop, it’s kind of a pain in the butt.


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