Husband won’t work out

My husband and I are both 54 years old.

I am a vegetarian who doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol or coffee. I make fitness part of my daily routine. I workout first thing every morning. I devote a solid hour to exercise. After taking the time to properly warm up, I spend around a half hour on high-intensity aerobics. I alternate between running, cycling, jump roping and performing a series of jumps. I follow this with strength training, incorporating free weights, resistance bands, lunges and squats. I target my core muscles with plank holds, pushups and abdominal crunches. I always complete the workout with intensive stretching. Targeting all the different muscle groups, I include splits, straddles, hamstring stretches, neck rolls and more. I have had no serious injuries and I feel and look much younger than my age. I have lots of energy during the day, sleep soundly at night and have maintained the same weight for the last 30 years. My husband drinks tons of coffee, smokes and eats lots of red meat. His job is rather sedentary and he refuses to workout. I can’t even get him to do a few simple stretches. He constantly complains over sore joints. His back often bothers him so badly that he has trouble getting up off the couch. He’s gained weight and his health has declined. I worry about his future quality of life. While I understand he might not want to spend the amount of time and effort on physical fitness that I do, I would think feeling good would be worth ten minutes of daily stretches. I can’t even convince him to go for a walk with me.


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