HVAC contractor really came through for us

The house we just built turned out really nice. We are so pleased to be living in a home that we helped design. Now that it’s just me, my wife and our dogs, our home fits us perfectly. Letting go of the family home wasn’t easy. The first step for me was replacing the HVAC equipment. And we really went all in on the new HVAC technology in the replacement residential HVAC. In a way, it was really beneficial because we learned a lot about what we wanted in our new house. The new HVAC equipment was a big time plus when it came to putting the house on the market. Actually, I think it had a lot to do with us getting more than our asking price after a bit of a bidding war. This windfall allowed us to feel good about building our new home to the specifications we wanted. But like most people will tell you, the home build project was a lot tougher than we anticipated. There are just so many things one has to stay on top of. We had a good general contractor but we really had to stay in his ear to get things done. One place we didn’t have to worry or continually oversee was the HVAC. That’s because we had such an amazing HVAC contractor who was just so on top of his game. This guy had really listened to our heating and cooling wants and desires. Then, he was so meticulous in the choosing of the HVAC equipment and the installation. It was easily the best part of the home build experience.

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