HVAC in theaters make or break a show

My mother and I love going to musicals.

We have flown to areas that are known for their theater productions before.

Anytime I go on a trip, you can bet I am seeing a musical. The two of us are down south for the summer. Our goal is to see at least one musical while we are both here. I have been looking up different ones and we have quite a few options. The only thing I don’t have enough information on is the theater venue. Believe it or not a theater can make or break a musical for me. I hate being in an uncomfortable seat or being seated way too high up. I want to be able to park easily and navigate the theater. Most important, the HVAC must be set right. I go to musicals all year long. So I have dealt with both heating and cooling in a theater before. The worst is cooling. I think because the theaters are so large, it is hard to provide enough AC. Also some of the theaters are trying to preserve their older look. So they can’t tear down the walls and ceiling for ductwork installation. Mounting a ductless mini split on the wall would look terrible too. I bet they have a central air conditioner that is on the floor level somewhere. Then the cold air needs to cool the entire large space all the way up to the balcony. Heated air rises, not cold. So anytime I am on the balcony in summer, I know I am getting no AC.

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