HVAC installations and how they work

My son was always good with his hands. He spent six years in the boyscouts. He learned how to build a canoe from a piece of wood. He learned how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. My son always enjoyed being outdoors, and I thought he would grow up to be a forest ranger or a firefighter. When Danny was in high school, he became interested in the heating and air conditioning business. One of his science teachers was a retired HVAC business owner. My son spent a lot of time talking to the science teacher about heating and air conditioning topics. When high school was finished, my son decided to attend the Fortis College in our neighborhood. They had an HVAC certification program available. It took eighteen months to complete the course, but my son finished with high marks and a lucrative job offer. After my son finished HVAC school, he started working for a local HVAC repair company. The HVAC repair company pays my son a decent wage, and he has great benefits. He has medical coverage and dental coverage, and they also provide him with a small life insurance policy. He also receives free schooling with the company. When my son decided to specialize in heat pump installation, the HVAC company paid for my son to attend classes. My son spent six months learning about heat pump installation. Now he can make more money, because of his special certifications. I am really proud of my son and everything he has accomplished in such a short time.

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