HVAC on the dude ranch

It’s never too late to be a cowgirl! I am a big city princess all the way, only seen farms and open ranges on television as a kid.

I wasn’t born into money, though, just this place.

I had to fight for everything I got in life, and when I finally graduated high school I chose trade school instead of college. It was the smart choice, and has led me to my very interesting current job. Never before had I considered being a cowgirl out west, but now I work on a Dude Ranch. This is a vacation spot for other city slickers to come be cowhands for a few days, and I am the on-site HVAC technician. With all of these buildings and barracks, there are easily forty different HVAC units here on the ranch, and they all need to keep working! People want to “rough it” a certain way, so they will do the work, but they demand to have cold air conditioning and a hot shower at the end of the day. Of course I have other duties here besides the HVAC units, because honestly that doesn’t take up 40 hours a week. Even when there is a faulty air conditioner or cracked air duct I can fix it in an hour or two, and with regular maintenance these things don’t fail very often. With the remainder of my time I work in the kitchen, helping the head cook, and tuning up the rickety old kitchen ventilation whenever needed. I like being the HVAC tech and learning to cook as well.

a/c rep