HVAC repair at the airport

I seen the most unusual thing when i was waiting for a plane at the airport the other month.

These days, just going to the airport to fly is a major hassle.

With the TSA stuff, the extra security and all that junk, I am always hating it when I have to take a plane anywhere! The unusual thing that happened, which actually delayed things in terms of getting through the terminal, was that they were having their industrial heating and air conditioning system repaired. There were HVAC specialists all over the place, and it was getting to be a real headache trying to get from point A to point B! I wonder why they decided to have work done on their industrial heating and air conditioning system right in the middle of the day! That is when the airport is the most busy! I almost wanted to hunt someone in charge down and ask that exact question. It was like every place you turned, there was an HVAC specialist with all of his HVAC equipment blocking things off. You had to go through a maze just to get around! I was almost going to have an anxiety attack it was so bad! Finally, when I reached my terminal, I was so happy I was done playing the game of dodge the heating and air conditioning specialists! These people were really causing a big hassle. I talked to someone else who I sat next to in the terminal while waiting about this, and they agreed with me.


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