HVAC tech made me feel uncomfortable

Some of the people I end up inviting out to my home for repairs made me question who the companies hire.

Although I am glad to say that most repairmen are normal, there are some that are a little off.

Such is the case of the HVAC worker I had to meet yesterday. My HVAC component worked fine and dandy, but I still wanted it to be checked just to be on the safe side. When the HVAC guy arrived, he mostly ignored me and went straight to where my HVAC components were. I figured he was a little standoffish, and didn’t think much of it. While he was meddling with the heating and cooling system, I decided to wash my dishes. From where I was standing I could see what he was doing to the central A/C. I watched out of curiosity, and I guess he didn’t like me staring, because he gave me a dirty look. I decided to leave him alone and let him do his work. After 30 minutes, he told me he was done and went to leave, but before he could leave I wanted to ask him a few questions. He did not seem to like this, as he slowly turned around and stared at me for a full minute before answering my questions. Then he walked closer until his face was only a few inches from mine, and dead eyed stared at me while answering my questions. It was incredibly uncomfortable and unnerving. I decided to stop asking questions and let him leave. I wonder what his problem was.
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