HVAC training comes in handy

When I was younger, I thought that becoming an HVAC specialist would be the perfect career move for me.

Five years later, I was disillusioned with the job.

I didn’t want to do the job any longer. I decided that I had to find another career if I wanted to be happy. The weird thing is that even though I didn’t want to work for an HVAC company, I did want to retain my certification. I continued to take the necessary training to retain my HVAC certification. When my friends found out about this, they all wanted me to do the work on their heating and air conditioning systems. I didn’t mind going to their houses and doing small repairs. I have been doing maintenance on family and friend’s HVAC systems for a couple of years now. I have shown some of my friends how to do their own maintenance. I do caution them that if there are any complications, they should call their local HVAC company. I don’t show everyone how to do their maintenance. As much I care about my friends and family, some of them just as capable of doing what needs to be done. I don’t want to see an HVAC system with bent fan blades or air filters installed improperly. One of my friends offered to pay me, and I accepted the offer of a cold beer. No longer being an HVAC specialist, it just doesn’t seem right to accept payment. I’m happy to be working as a plumber right now. It is much better than being an HVAC specialist.



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