HVAC upgrade a comfort for the office

It’s so weird that we will be opening up our offices again to full capacity. I really wonder just what it’s going to be like managing this office after a year of zoom meetings and working remotely from home. During the year that we had to shut the office down, I had time to really reflect on some things about the office. One thing that stood out was the HVAC problem. We have a heating and cooling problem because our office encompasses an entire floor but there is only one thermostat. This HVAC fact causes some bad blood in the office that can be avoided. For me, I should have addressed this heating and cooling problem from the beginning. I saw that people were actually confronting each other over the thermostat setting. That is not something that should ever happen in a professional office. There was even a point where there were factions of people lining up against each other over the thermostat setting. This was stupid of me not to deal with right away. But I figured it was just the way the HVAC was done. During the time away, I actually spoke with the HVAC company to see exactly what we could do in order to alleviate the problem. It wasn’t very complicated. The HVAC company came out and transformed the existing HVAC system to a zone controlled HVAC environment. Now there are six independent heating and cooling zones with their own thermostat control. I hope this will be a really pleasant surprise for everyone when we get back to doing business together in the same space. At least that’s one less thing that anybody has to worry about anymore.

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