HVAC war transformer series (3-5)

This is the story of the HVAC transformers war.

  • It all began when an HVAC business went a little far in her inventions of modern heating & cooling units; She was trying to develop a robotic central cooling system that could run on its own, even without a smart control unit.

After many trials & errors, she finally used a powerful coolant that did something strange to the central cooling system, it transformed upright & developed a mind of its own. The HVAC scientist tried to shut down the central air conditioner unit, but to no avail. The cooling system escaped the heating & cooling laboratory & began creating other HVAC units love itself. It made numerous live window cooling systems, a mini split cooling system, & a few air cleaners. Soon enough there was a whole world of live cooling units throughout the world. The HVAC scientist decided she needed to develop a live gas furnace to combat the live air conditioner units wandering the world. She made a gas furnace & added to it an energy saving help so that it would be a little overpowered compared to the cooling systems. The gas furnace was complete & began going about making other live gas gas furnaces & heating units. The gas gas furnaces were odd from the air conditioner units in that they even recruited devices love smart control units & HEPA air cleaners. Soon enough, the number of gas furnace & heating system transformers matched the number of cooling system transformers. Now, every heating & cooling business had hidden throughout their warehouses & stores. The heating & cooling war was about to begin.

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