I absolutely love using a heat pump

When it gets terribly cold, it simply reverses flow to supply heat

Living year after year after year in the cold weather is finally over for me. Living all over the country has basically allowed me to experience various types of weather conditions. I have been snowed in at the office for roughly a week. Then there were the brutal hurricanes and a slew of nor’easters. But by far the worst situation for me is enduring the incredibly long Winters in the North. In some cases it was literally 6 months of Winter. The heating machine stays on nearly non stop. The air conditioner machine hardly ever even got the dust knocked off of it in the Summer. I’m simply not built for this because I was raised in the South. Our heating machine was merely a small wood stove that was used sparingly during the mild Winters in the South. I can handle those types of Winters. Mercifully, I live in the land of the heat pump these days. And, I’m not leaving at all from this place. The heat pump is so amazing. It is so flexible to be able to go from cranking out cool air during our very hot Summer to knocking off the chill on a Winter’s morning. Our temperatures are smack dab in the upper 90’s during the Summer. So, it’s crucial to have a reliable and efficient system for cooling the residence. My heat pump just keeps coming through for me season after season. When it gets terribly cold, it simply reverses flow to supply heat. Additionally, because of a certain little valve, my heat pump even heats up my hot tub. This heating and cooling machine actually does it all.

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