I accidentally broke the boiler by not following directions

Well, it is definitely my fault that the boiler is broken at my girlfriend’s parents’ house.

  • All it took was a simple misunderstanding for me to completely break the heating system in her house.

If you don’t know what a boiler is, it is a heating system that relies on boiling water to heat up your house. This warm water travels through pipes that connect to radiators in individual rooms to keep it warm, and the heating system also works as a hot water heater in a home too. Even though boilers are not as efficient when the temperatures drop below freezing, the boiler will still work to keep your house water. Well, the boiler will still work as long as it has water. Sadly, I accidentally emptied the boiler of water while I was downstairs, effectively breaking their heating system. It happened while I was trying to give their dog a bath in the basement. They told me that there was a spigot near the heating system that I could hook a small hose to clean the dog with. However, when I got into the basement, I found several spigots, and I didn’t know which one to use, and my girlfriend didn’t either. I accidentally drained all of the hot water from the boiler, causing the boiler to run without having anything to heat. A few hours later, the heating system stopped putting out any water, and my girlfriend’s dad was furious. It is definitely my fault that the boiler is broken, but it is also his fault for assuming that I would know which spigot was the right one.
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