I always am able to get HVAC discounts

I feel for my friends, I really do.

Everytime the subject of heating and cooling comes up, they can’t help themselves to complain about the cost of upkeep.

I am lucky enough to get HVAC discounts since my husband is the CEO of a thriving HVAC company. Since he is head of the business he can set the prices and he always offers family members of his massive discounts. It really is nice considering how expensive HVAC home services can be. My husband obviously really knows his stuff when it involves anything in the HVAC industry, we are always able to get the nicest and newest HVAC equipment and our kids and I are set for life. My husband already plans to offer massive discounts to our children when they grow up and move out. Being married to him makes me feel lucky. After I talked to him and explained how some of my friends are also really struggling financially and giving them a discount on their heating and cooling would be a nice thing to do. He agreed, and while it isn’t as big of a price slash as it is for family, my friends were very thankful. My husband had planned to start his own heating and cooling business ever since he was a kid, he told me he was inspired seeing people struggle with the costs of heating and cooling services, and while obviously he doesn’t give discounts to everyone, he tries to keep his business affordable for the public and people outside the family. It really has worked out well for him.


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