I Always Keep My Home Office Cozy

Working from home, when you have the right resources, can absolutely be a joy & a pleasure.

  • If your house is a comfortable environment that you find yourself being able to focus within, then working from house might even prove to be even better than working in your standard workplace! Within our personal experience, I’ve enjoyed working from house while I was in the recent years that I’ve had to, & a big area of why I enjoy working from house so deeply is the fact that I’m able to keep our house office perfectly cozy & comfortable all year round! Working from house while I was in the Wintertide when I worked in an office building always proved itself to be a challenge.

Temperatures outside could get cold to the point of intense discomfort, with the only reprieve from the frigid weather being the oil furnace I used while commuting in our car. When I would finally get into the office, the temperature inside wouldn’t be much more comforting than the temperatures outside. I would have to endure trying to focus on our work while shivering & counting down the hours until I could get back to our cozy, boiling home, now that I work from home, I can adjust the temperature of the oil furnace inside of our home at will! I make sure that our house office is perfectly cozy & comfortable when it comes time for me to work, & at the end of each day, feeling more relaxed & comfortable because of our heating even shows in the quality of work I produce.


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