I always need fresh air

Almost every time I have a job somewhere I constantly require nice air quality as well as nice heating as well as a/c, however this may be partly the reason that I had some trouble holding down a job until I got our most recent one that I have been at for the last 10 years.

Before this, I constantly ended up giving up on the job I was absolutely working at because they had lousy indoor air quality or really exhausting heating as well as a/c… For myself and others to work somewhere or even find a place to live somewhere I require the best air quality as well as the best heating as well as a/c! Even in our own beach house I invested in the absolute best possible air purification plan plus the absolute best heating as well as a/c gear around. I spent several thousand dollars on a truly up-to-date as well as truly powerful central heating as well as a/c, and I even spent more on the whole beach house air purification plan that I also own in our home. If I can do this while not being wealthy, these companies that people work for could do the same! They are rich and can also afford the best heating as well as a/c equipment as well as media air cleaners around. And if they are not willing to respect the indoor comfort of their employees I don’t even wanna work for them! This job I have had the last decade however does like the employees indoor comfort as well as has the best heating as well as a/c plan I have ever been in while on the job. That is why I have stayed here! Also the indoor air quality is truly nice also.

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