I am a bi-vocational HVAC serviceman

I am currently a bi-vocational HVAC serviceman, however I hope to transition out of HVAC work completely before next year… I don’t want you to suppose that I didn’t love being an HVAC serviceman. I particularly loved working on HVAC systems all of the time, but however, while all of us were in my time working as an HVAC serviceman, I discovered what my tplot passion was. I love building websites. I never realized that it would be something that I could get particularly great at. I was the youngest guy working for the HVAC supplier, as well as they were trying to get better at marketing, and a lot of the other HVAC companies had nice websites as well as advertising, as well as our boss knew that all of us needed to update our website to compete with the other HVAC companies… Most of the other HVAC servicemans were pretty outdated as well as uncommon with PCs, so I was chosen to work on the HVAC website. I was paid by the HVAC supplier to do this, as well as I particularly loved it, and the website for the HVAC supplier ended up looking truly nice, however I also discovered that I had a passion for creating websites. I began taking online classes for web design as well as fell in love! Right now, I have begun a web design business, as well as I am waiting for the supplier to grow to the point that I can do it full-time… Until then, I am still working as an HVAC serviceman to pay my bills. I genuinely suppose that I should be able to quit HVAC work by the end of the year, but only time will tell.

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