I am concerned

My daughter has quite the overacting imagination, which is great when it comes to art as well as storytelling, however more problematic when it comes to real life. I have always been entirely  literal minded, so when she started to complain of monsters in the attic at evening, I of course dismissed it separate from a second thought. A month later, but, as well as she was still saying the same thing, so I decided to switch beds with her for the evening as well as see what happened! Everything was normal, nice as well as quiet, until just past midnight when I heard a frightful scratching as well as clawing on the ductworks in the ceiling. This was not the scraping of edges in the ductwork, there was obviously something moving around in there. Of course it was not a monster, it was absolutely just a squirrel or possum that got in through 1 of the external air vents or grates. The way those claws scraped against the inside the heating ducts, I am not at all surprised she thought it was a monster. The next day I called out an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to tell myself and others what both of us should do. The guy didn’t even come to the house, once he heard the concern he said I needed an animal control guy, not an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional. I asked about just poisoning the animal myself, although he warned myself and others that putting any kind of poison into the AC ducts was a entirely  stupid idea. Also, both of us didn’t want the thing to die stuck in an air vent, where it would stink up the whole house.

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