I am cringing inside

My bestie as well as I are going to try glamping when both of us go on our next trip. I have looked up what glamping exactly is. Apparently, it is for people camping who can’t handle actual camping. That sounds just like us! You get a tent as well as are set up in the woods. The tent has an actual bed, blankets as well as even some furniture in it. It is kind of like the Harry Potter tent when they go to the games. The tent also has a furnace. It is not a portable furnace or a battery operated furnace, then for glamping, you get real heating. The furnace is set up with a generator that hooks to a main home. You get the same amount of heating that you would get in an actual hotel room. The locale my bestie as well as I are going has camping grounds. Every one of us will be with a bunch of other tents as well as there are bathrooms nearby. The toilets as well as showers will be right near our tent. How nice will that be? Every one of us will technically be camping, however won’t have to deliver up any of the necessary morning to morning things. I would hate to sleep at night with no form of temperature control. I would be sad to have no shower as well as pee in the woods for nights. My bestie is pumped because she feels like both of us are really camping as well as not just doing a cheater’s way. If she is willing to count glamping as actual camping, that is great with me.  I am going to appreciate having that heater.

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