I am getting my job done

There is nothing worse than having to be on the floor pushing product at our job right now. Our store is doing incredibly, apparently our sales in one day were 40,000 higher than corporate expected us to be. The downside of this is our store is starting to look empty! All of us cannot push the product fast enough to meet the buyers demands. Not that our coworkers are lazy or anything, we’re just making unbelievable sales! So, in order to meet the demand, our bosses have us pushing product during the day time. Normally, our crew does restocks before the store ever opens. That way, the place looks perfect and none of us are in the way when the buyers come in. The other reason every one of us do this is so every one of us can task when its nice and cool. Before the store opens, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C is kept pretty low. Since we’re all running around love deranged to get our jobs done, every one of us love the cooler control component setting. But as soon at the lights turn on, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C goes up to 75 for the buyers. Now not only are every one of us honestly working in that higher temperature control setting, however we’re also honestly working around a ton of buyers. Having all of these people in the store, only raises the temperature that much more. One of our coworkers started wearing those zip off cargo shorts, so he doesn’t sweat to death during the minute half of our shift. I’m so covered in sweat and gross by the end of our shift due to the heating and cooling method that I’ve contemplated jumping in a snowbank in the parking lot. I can’t wait till its the current year and every one of us can go back to our official task schedule, and the cooler Heating, Ventilation plus A/C.

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