I am going to automate the entire system

My mom has a new job at the library.  She has always loved books and it is a perfect job for her.  The only thing is, she is alone many times because less and less people frequent these places.  Too many people are accustomed to reading things online or on devices. It is a shame too because my mom works at a rather high tech library that has these type of items available as well. She said that the part of her job that amazes her is how automated things are today compared to when she was a child. She even has a series of devices that will take a book back to the department where it is supposed to be located so she doesn’t have to wheel them around on a cart. The library has several floors so it is a time-saving system that allows her to organize incoming books by department and then another employee takes them from that area and put them back on the shelf. I know most libraries are not that well equipped however, this one is located in the heart of the city and needs to be more efficient. Is busiest during the day because it is located near college and many students need to come there to study. She said that she feels like the building itself is alive sometimes because of how automated it is. People have to have a key card to be able to come in and she can easily talk to someone at the front door by video if they don’t have one. This makes her job much safer and it eliminates the need for extra security guards at the front door. She often says that it feels like the building has eyes and a brain but all of these things do make her job much easier.