I am just not happy with the result

As much as I really adore Springtime, I periodically find it the most frightful season of the year.

We had already suffered through a long Winter.

The weather was often cold as well as snowy. The worst section of our Decembers is the winds. The temperature may only be in the low thirties, but with the wind, makes wind chills that are nearer to zero than to thirty. The furnace couldn’t even begin to keep the cold chill of the December winds, from invading the house. By the time March arrives, it is damp from all of the rain as well as the melting snow. Without the assistance of an UV air purifier, the people I was with and I end up with a home that aromas of mold and sweat as well as more than often, wet dog. There is nothing worse than a wet dog stench as well as our house is constantly overwhelmed by it. We have never had a dog in the house, but the previous owner owned pets. I’m wondering how long that aroma is going to stick with us because it rears its ugly head every March. The heating keeps the aromas out of the house, but while I was in the March and beyond, you can’t have the heating all of the time. The afternoon time temps are often much higher as well as close to seventy. At night, the temperatures will drop significantly. There is no way the people I was with and I could sleep comfortably without the furnace operating at night. March is a horrible time of year for the heating. Without the heating you are much too cold from the winds at night, but in the afternoon time, you would be way too hot if you have the furnace running.


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