I am maximizing my efficiency

I swear on my life the air in my condo was trying to get me.  I don’t own plant but my plant dust sensitivities are minimum.  So, I could not figure out why I was sneezing and feeling sleepy as well as dealing with a constant headache.  I found out later that it was the air I breathe. I found out from a new study room. 90% of my time is spent inside my house in treated air.  I knew that it was time to call a professional. Our local Heating and A/C supplier is fantastic. They are always eager to help while being effective and trusted.  My typical Heating and A/C tech came to the condo to see if she could help me with my air quality issues. I was happy to see him checking throughout the condo as well as testing the air with a handheld gadget.  The Heating and A/C pro said that I had really low humidity and that could also benefit from a whole condo air cleaner. I was a bit surprised at the low humidity, however I do live in the West as well as the air is dry.  The whole condo air cleaner sounded great though. My Heating plus A/C girl also said to get better quality air filters. I buy the cheap air filters and don’t change them really often. The Heating plus A/C tech said that will make an immediate difference.  I did some research online on the humidifier as well as the air cleaner. The humidifier can be fixed directly to the indoor Heating and A/C component without much difficulty at all. I can then control the humidity level from the temperature control. The whole condo air cleaner filter fits right into the return duct and can remove almost 99% of air toxins.  These Heating plus A/C tech really know there stuff. I have a feeling that my horrible headaches will soon be a thing of the past. Thank you A/C technicians!

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