I am not a big fan of the bro culture in our work environment

I am also considering if it would be a superb move to bring our team of bros into a workshop

I actually work in a bro type of business. Unluckily this is becoming more plus more common! Young professionals are becoming more focused on looking stylish plus promoting themselves on social media… It is essentially about how much money they can spend rather than earn… There are a few guys at my job who are turning our company into a bro type of environment. It is all about going on trips, happy hours plus looking funky. Hardly any work is being completed. Unfortunately most of these bros happen to be salesmen for the company… We honestly have not seen an increase in business basically due to them slacking off. I haven’t been easily sure what to do. I am supposed to manage these people, however how can I change their personalities plus what is going on in the work environment? I spoke to other supervisors plus they all recommended that I talk to a company consultant. The company consultant would be able to assist me with pushing the social temperature in the company in another direction entirely… Apparently a company consultant will have interesting ideas on what to try plus things to ban around the office. I have discovered a company online that does company consulting plus also leadership workshops! I think it is perfectly clear that I want to talk to someone who will be able to help me to manage our people. I am also considering if it would be a superb move to bring our team of bros into a workshop. It surely is possible that they will benefit hearing about how they are destroying our company. They might be able to recognize their excruciating behavior plus want to change for the benefit of our company. It might not be an excruciating idea.

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