I am not a skilled HVAC worker

Learning through trial and error can just be a normal part of life and the way things happen.

For sure, I’ve learned some pressing lessons by failing or making miserable mistakes.

Sometimes, that’s been the best way for me to understand something. At the same time, when you don’t have to learn by failing, it’s best not to. That’s precisely the advice I wish I had followed when I chose to self diagnose the HVAC appliance. I’m still trying to unpack the reasons behind what I was doing there. It’s just crazy when you stop and consider it. But I came back to my dwelling late on a Wednesday night to a house that was absent of HVAC appliance cooling. Normally, I’m never late on Wednesday but I was stuck inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office over some important matters that needed immediate attention. So, I wasn’t in the most fantastic mood when I got inside my dwelling to find the cooling system not working as it should. Now, the HVAC component was running but there was no HVAC appliance cooling being produced. I evaluated the control unit and it seemed fine. That’s when I should have called the HVAC appliance experts. But I thought maybe since the HVAC unit was running normally, perhaps it just needed a recharge or something. So I proceeded to buy 1 and supply that with a try. Of course, it went about the way you might expect as I’m not an HVAC specialist. I messed things up severely and ended up having to call the HVAC appliance supplier anyway. That was a lesson I entirely didn’t have to learn the strenuous way. But I sure will leave the HVAC component to the HVAC workers moving forward.

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