I am not an HVAC technician, but I am really good at fixing HVAC units

I am definitely not an HVAC technician, but I am really good at fixing HVAC units. I have no idea why I started trying to learn how to fix HVAC units, but I wanted to. I believe that the first time that I fixed an HVAC unit was a few years ago. If you looked at me, you would probably admit that I am not the kind of guy that looks like he can fix an HVAC unit. I look like the nerdy guy with a well-paying job that would have to pay an HVAC technician to fix my HVAC unit. I do have a very nerdy job, and I do make a lot of money, but I love learning. A few years ago, I realized that I could save a lot of money by learning how to fix my own HVAC units. I didn’t really have a need to save money, but I liked learning stuff, and I thought that learning about HVAC units would be fun. At first, I tried reading a ton of books about HVAC units. There was a lot of good theory about fixing HVAC units, but there are so many different kinds of HVAC units that it is hard to condense all of the practical knowledge about HVAC units into one book. Instead, I decided to take an online course to become more knowledgeable about HVAC units. Technically, I guess that I am a certified HVAC technician, but I have never worked for an HVAC company, so I am not sure if it counts. I just like fixing HVAC units now. I am the only person that fixes my HVAC units, and I am pretty good at it. Sure, it takes some time to fix an HVAC unit, but since I enjoy doing it even though I do not have to, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

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