I am responsible for a lot of Heating and A/C units as a landlord

I am the landlord of a big house complex, and I am also responsible for all the repairs.

When I was hired for the task, they told myself and others that they wanted a landlord that could also double as a service man.

Although I do not think how to service everything, I am pretty great at our task. I usually try to service everything that I can, and if there is something that I am not able to fix, I call a professional. One of the things that I am particularly great at fixing is Heating and A/C units. I was an Heating and A/C professional before I eventually decided to take this task. I didn’t adore laboring as an Heating and A/C professional entirely much, and I thought that I would be able to get away from it by becoming a landlord. Instead, I toil on Heating and A/C units every week. Since most of the apartments have entirely aged Heating and A/C units, they are always breaking down. Since the supplier does not want to pay an Heating and A/C professional or replace the Heating and A/C units, I was hired to toil on the Heating and A/C units myself. I suppose that I hate laboring as a landlord even more when I am always laboring on Heating and A/C units. Thankfully, that isn’t the only aspect of our task, so I am ecstatic with our current task. I just wish that I would have given more consideration to our task selection. If I didn’t want to toil on Heating and A/C units, I legitimately should have picked a task that I knew didn’t require Heating and A/C repairs. Still, I am blissful to have a task.

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