I am responsible for a lot of HVAC units as a landlord

I just wish that I would have given more consideration to my job selection

I am the landlord of a large apartment complex, and I am also responsible for all the repairs. When I was hired for the job, they told me that they wanted a landlord that could also double as a maintenance man. Although I do not know how to repair everything, I am pretty good at my job. I usually try to fix everything that I can, and if there is something that I am not able to fix, I call a professional. One of the things that I am really good at fixing is HVAC units. I was an HVAC technician before I eventually decided to take this job. I didn’t like working as an HVAC technician very much, and I thought that I would be able to get away from it by becoming a landlord. Instead, I work on HVAC units every week. Since most of the apartments have very old HVAC units, they are constantly breaking down. Since the company does not want to pay an HVAC technician or replace the HVAC units, I was hired to work on the HVAC units myself. I think that I hate working as a landlord even more when I am constantly working on HVAC units. Thankfully, that isn’t the only aspect of my job, so I am happy with my new job. I just wish that I would have given more consideration to my job selection. If I didn’t want to work on HVAC units, I probably should have picked a job that I knew didn’t require HVAC repairs. Still, I am glad to have a job.

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