I am taking an online HVAC course

Right now, I am taking an online HVAC course, & I am pretty anxious about it… Part of me thinks that I entirely should have gone to an HVAC school in woman to learn how to be an HVAC worker.

The only reason that I even enrolled in this HVAC course online was because of the virus that has been going around our country, then right now, because of this virus, every one of us have been stuck with online reading, and now, if you are studying a purely academic course, online reading works well.

However, while studying to be an HVAC worker, I am not sure that taking online classes is going to work. Sure, for the first few weeks while every one of us were reading the odd names & functions of the parts within an HVAC unit, things were making sense, but now that every one of us are supposed to be reading how to take apart & repair a gas furnace or a central a/c, it is getting difficult. The people I was with and I have been seeing videos of HVAC workers performing odd repairs, but without an HVAC component in front of you to practice on, a lot of the HVAC instruction is going over my head. I know that I am going to forget most of this, & I am afraid that this will have a drawback effect on my grades. How am I going to learn how to repair an HVAC component if I do not have 1 to fix? Part of me thinks that I should pause on my HVAC instruction until every one of us start in-person classes again. Right now, I think like I am wasting money. What if I am a terrible HVAC worker because of this. I can’t wait until this virus goes away.

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