I am taking fitness class seriously now

My friends and I decided to enroll in a group fitness class for six weeks.

In the beginning, the class was especially brutal.

The personal trainer pushed us beyond our limits. She was always demanding we do another rep, lift extra weight and never give up. At the conclusion of every fitness class, I would feel sore and exhausted. My friends and I all agreed she was going to kill us. After class, we would reward ourselves by going out to eat, snacking on apps and drinking margaritas. We’d complain about the fitness class. Just recently I have seen some progress in weight loss and muscle tone. I now have some definition in my arms and legs. My tummy seems more toned. My friends still want to head out to eat after class but I am no longer willing to participate. I don’t want to drink alcohol, eat unhealthy meals and make my workouts pointless. Now that I see the benefits of strenuous fitness, I have become more determined. The personal trainer is super knowledgeable and motivates me. I no longer need so much encouragement to lift more weight and add reps. I am working hard on our own. After the six weeks are finished, I plan to continue with classes. I want to try and lose even more weight. I plan to stop going out to eat after class every week. I don’t think my friends are going to be happy about this. They don’t follow the instructions of the trainer when she pushes them and are still going out for drinks after class. I will probably keep taking the class on my own.


Personal Fitness Expert