I am the HVAC technician who saved the world

I am the HVAC technician who saved the world.

It was a hot summer day when I was at work doing what I do every day, fixing air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers.

I was on a hard job that day fixing an elderly lady’s central air conditioner which was in very bad condition. I was kind of discouraged because this central air conditioner was just not doing what I wanted it to and it was taking hours to fix. When I finally finished the air conditioner, I was exhausted and ready to clean up and go home for the night to enjoy my own HVAC units at home, but I was called into the office at work for an urgent job. I was upset, but went nonetheless. When I arrived at the HVAC office, my boss told me I had to get to the nuclear plant immediately because their HVAC unit was overheating, along with some of the other equipment in the plant. If the furnace would continue to overheat, along with the rest of the equipment, the plant would explode and cause a chain reaction of nuclear explosion that would destroy the entire planet. I was escorted out to a police car which rushed me to the sight. Me and three other expert HVAC technicians worked as quickly as we could to fix the furnace system and also get the HVAC unit running again. The furnace system was so hot that we could not touch it with our bare hands to fix it. Finally, we were able to cool down the furnace system and the nuclear equipment without causing any explosion. Me and the other HVAC technicians were recognized on the world news and each was given a huge money reward.



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