I appreciate when it’s overcast outside because the temperature drops considerably

The weather has been all over the place lately.

Last month it was in the 90s with clear skies every day, with lows only dropping to 69 while I was in the evenings.

It felt appreciate this would go on forever, as I had to start doing all of our shopping errands in the late day plus early evening hours. Just going out in the middle of the day felt appreciate an big risk of painful sunburn, however but, by the following week the rapidly decreasing temperatures had plummeted into the 79s with lots of cloud cover. It rained for many days with heavy winds, however after the storms passed all the two of us were left with was an overcast sky. Some people cannot handle the grey hue of an overcast sky, especially the lack of direct sunlight plus the physiological effect it has on many people. By contrast, I have l received to appreciate overcast weather for 1 unique reason. Because our beach house has no shade or tree cover to block the sun’s rays, I am resting inside these more than three walls in direct sunlight from dawn to dusk everyday if there is no cloud cover outside. On overcast days the lower temperature outside coupled with the decrease in sun rays amounts to less strain plus stress on our central a/c. During the days with high rapidly decreasing temperatures plus direct sunlight, our a/c seems appreciate it never stops running. If I get blessed plus the entire day is grey plus overcast outside, then the a/c runs half as much or less than it would otherwise. This relief on our finances is enough to over compensate any physiological effects from the lack of sunlight, because overcast days consistently feel appreciate a relief.


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