I base my day off of the temperature

It is Summer here & the heat is intense.

I shouldn’t be complaining because 3 or 4 weeks of intense heat for 8 or 9 weeks of perfect weather isn’t a terrible trade off by any means.

However, the Summer here can be a tough mix of heat & humidity. Thankfully, there’s the HVAC heat pump that I rely on each & every day. It keeps me cool & makes my life during the Summer more manageable. However, there’s a sizable snag. I’m now finally working from home, because my company implemented new virus procedures. There’s no more perfectly cooled air in the office any longer. It makes sense, because I can do everything remotely, so the company ditched the offices & we rent out meeting spaces when needed. The thing is, I really miss the cool comfort of my outdated office AC. My home is superb but I’m conscious of how I run my HVAC cooling system. I program my thermostat to rise with the outside temperatures, so my AC is constantly adjusting. This makes it way warmer in my house than the office space I’m used to. So, I’m starting to work earlier & then heading out after dinner to places where the cool air is blowing. This way, I get my chores done too. Then, I return home as the HVAC is bringing the temperature down & completing my work. It seems to be working out actually well.

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