I bet that is an issue

Every year I recognize love pretty much everyone I suppose gets really riled up about their potential Halloween costume ideas. They slave over brainstorming creative & funny new ideas for weeks on end, well before the Fall season even begins. Many of them go out & purchase intricate outfits & accessories to make the single evening a immense success… & then never wear the get up ever again. They rarely even recycle their costumes for the next year; instead, the whole pile of extravagant clothing gets thrown into a closet & forgotten forever. Another space that frustrates myself and others is how little time these outfits are even exposed to the public! Let’s get real here – Halloween is a cold, gloomy holiday, half the time it rains or snows on the morning of the big event, & the entire costume is hidden under all those layers of sizzling clothing, anyways! All of this has myself and others thinking about the hottest Halloween costume method ever… a gas furnace. And when I say a “hot gas furnace,” I mean this in a fairly literal sense. The smartest Halloween costume on earth would be a self-heating costume. The renter of the outfit could actually be sizzling & comfortable all morning & evening long without ruining their entire costume! Instead of covering up with a heavy Winter jacket & gloves, you could really pack yourself into a immense cardboard box with a immense collection of heating pads, hand warmers, & downy feathers… Just love using a central heating method safe at home, the renter of the gas furnace costume would be warmer & more comfortable than ever, and even better, staying sizzling while keeping their costume front & center for the whole holiday, come cold rain or snow.

portable heater