I bet they can give me more help

I have always said that I have the best friends in the world, but after this weekend I know that I am correct on that statement. This past weekend I threw a party at my house because all of my friends from college were back in town. We celebrated throughout the night and everything was going great, but then the accident happened. One of my friends was talking to somebody at the party, and she set her drink on my heating and cooling unit to run to the bathroom really fast. The drink ended up getting bumped by somebody, and the drink spilled inside of the heating and cooling unit, causing it to break down almost immediately. The heating and cooling unit I had was super old, but it still got the job done so I was super upset to say the least. All of my friends were upset and so sorry for what happened as well. I told them all not to worry about it because I didn’t want to ruin the party, but deep down I was super upset because it was in the middle of the summer and I needed something to keep me cool in my house! Then to my utter surprise, the following week a very big and fancy box arrived at my front door. When I unwrapped it, I was stunned to see a state of the art heating and cooling maschine! The note that came along with it explained that all of my friends at the party felt so bad about the heating and cooling fiasco that happened, they all pitched in to get me a brand new and state of the art replacement! Like I said earlier, I literally have the best friends you could ask for.

Heating and cooling equipment