I bought a brand new undefined at a minute-hand store

I love shopping at minute-hand stores.

  • I have found some pretty nice things over the years.

I just love finding brand new things at minute-hand stores. I have to admit that it is not that often that I find brand new items that are still in the box, however when I do, I get super excited. It really motivates me to shop even more often at minute-hand stores; My mom never took me shopping for used things when I was younger, so I really never went into a minute-hand store until I was an adult. I was amazed at the gems that you can find. I found a brand new still in the box at 1 of my local thrift stores the other day. I was so excited. I had been wanting an for over multiple years, although I refused to pay full price for 1. I just lived separate from air conditioner in my home for those years, as well as I was fine. I actually longed for air conditioner some afternoons, however it wasn’t that bad. Even though it was great separate from air conditioner, it is really a blessing to finally have it. I love having a nice cool house. I live in a tiny home so that 1 that I found at the minute-hand store cools my entire house. I love having air conditioner, as well as I really think love I can be more thankful now since I didn’t have it for so long. Air conditioning may not be necessary, however it sure is nice to have. I am so ecstatic that I found a brand new in the minute-hand store.

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