I bought a whole-house air purifier because of my neighbor’s bonfires

I’m absolutely not the style of man who spends extra cash on himself.

When it comes to purchasing things in life I will wait as long as possible before I spend any cash.

When the issue at hand concerns only my own health, preferences, or enjoyment I’m never going to pull the trigger unless I have to. With that being said, recently it became legitimately necessary to go out and spend a lot of extra cash with our heating, cooling, and ventilation control dealership. Normally I only call the HVAC dealership when I have an emergency service situation at hand. If I wake up in the middle of winter and our heating is not working, obviously I’m going to get a professional HVAC worker on the property to service our furnace as soon as possible. Besides that, our heating and cooling service shop and I do not have a legitimately close relationship. However recently I have had to call them out to install extra air handling devices that I never would have expected I would purchase. Namely, I had to get a whole house air purifier that works in tandem with our central heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. The trouble started when our neighbors began landscaping their yard. Apparently they have so much extra wood and brush from all of the cosmetic work they constantly are having bonfires now. The air pollution from the bonfires is so irritating that I absolutely had to break down and spend cash on myself for once. This whole house air purifier is the only thing keeping my unhappy lungs afloat.