I Bought Her An Electric Fireplace For Her Birthday

I turned it on and let the heat warm up the room before she returned

I knew exactly what I was going to get my wife as a present for her 40th birthday. She had always dreamed of owning a home with a fireplace in the bedroom, and unfortunately, our budget never allowed for such luxury. She constantly showed me magazine pages with beautiful fireplaces in the master suite, always telling me how warm and cozy it would be if we did the same. We had no plans on moving anytime soon, and I didn’t know about the odds of installing a real brick fireplace to our bedroom, so I set out to find the next best thing. It’s like the internet knew what I needed before I did, because the local hardware store sent me an email about a special they were running on electric fireplaces. I opened the email and followed the link to their website. All of the electric fireplaces were 30% off, and they had a lot of ones to choose from. I measured the walls in our bedroom and looked for an electric fireplace that would fit. Once I found one that looked the most realistic, I placed the order and went to the store to pick it up. While my wife was away, I installed the eclectic fireplace and mounted it to the wall in our bedroom. I turned it on and let the heat warm up the room before she returned. When I finally revealed the fireplace to my wife, the room was warm and she was ecstatic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top this birthday gift.


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