I bring space heaters with me when I visit

My friends and family are always poking fun at me for how particular I am.

They like to say that I am very difficult and hard to please.

I don’t happen to agree with their assertion that I am overly opinionated or high maintenance. I will admit, I have certain areas of life that I don’t like to compromise on. One of those areas is my environment. I enjoy being at home where I’m in control of all of my surroundings. When I have to leave the house, I know that I can be a little bit uppity when things aren’t up to my usual standards. Specifically, I can be a little bit obsessive about the indoor air quality and air temperature. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fresh air just as much as the next person. However, I tend to be cold no matter what the indoor air temperature is. Normal humans like their thermostat set in a particular temperature range that feels oppressively cold to me. I am a big fan of having relatively warm and humid air surrounding me at all times. Of course, I have realized that I can’t ask other humans to completely upset their normal indoor air temperature programming just because I’m stopping by for a visit. That’s why, I always travel with a plethora of space heaters in my trunk. If I am leaving the house I am sure to bring my own heating device with me wherever I go. That way, I have the power to modify my indoor air temperature without seeming like I’m being difficult. If people continue to make a stink about my air quality preferences, I will happily offer to pay for the energy that my tiny space heater is using.


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